Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Hate This Part

The moment when I realize my oven mitt is on backwards

The, ‘knock the breathe out of you, dizzy, sit down’ when you find out someone you love is sick

The first raindrops to hit you in the middle of your 5km walk (when my cell phone's in my pocket)

November’s weather; such a tease... just be warm or snow already!

The inevitable hole or stain someone else will point out on my thrift store purchase

The spider web that I catch with my face, two steps out of the door on a bright sunny day

The fear of finishing a sunset hike, in the dark

The sick feeling when I realize I pressed ‘off’ instead of ‘sleep’

The word moist; I am convinced there is no sentence that can make it sound pleasant

30 minutes after Indian food

Being on a skinny sidewalk, in the rain, with heavy traffic alongside me (and the puddle that greets me with a dirty wet kiss)

Forgetting deodorant

The intolerable kid who sits directly behind me and doesn’t understand the concept ‘closing your mouth while chewing [anything]’

People who have full on LOUD ring tones for texts, and text a LOT... do they think it makes them seem popular?

[From a waitress’ point of view] Boys (or girls) who tip phone numbers instead of money

Getting water up my nose

The last goodbye

----an example of water, right up the nose---


What are some of the things you can't stand?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Flash 55

(a story written in 55 words)


I know you want to be closer, but I'm just not ready. 

All week you've been popping in on me unexpectedly.. my car, my bathroom, my bed.. 

I don't want you near me anymore, if you come around again consider your life in danger. 

That's not a threat, it's a promise...

Goodbye spider. *swat*

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fast Cars and Freedom

Good morning! Well, I don't know about 'good' but it's morning at least... the truth is that the incessant ringing if the phone has forced me to get up... so, in the spirit of Liz Lemon, Ugh, Nerds!

A week (maybe two) ago I got out of work, walked to my car [Swarley] and noticed something was dripping close to the back wheel... So, instinctively, fearing for the life of my baby, I drove to the shop down the road to see what it was.. he lifted my car and took a look and told me my filler neck had a leak.. [a filler neck is the pipe in between the gas tank and where the gas goes in the car]  

So I drove home miserable and distraught, 'my baby has failed me'.  The next day, I noticed almost no puddle had formed 'so it must not be leaking anymore'?  And decided, that so long as I didn't fill it up all the way, I should be fine..

Yesterday, I was on my way to my trusted mechanic and fate slapped my in the face.  After nearly two weeks of no problems, the "Check Fuel Cap" light was suddenly on, mocking me with it's brutish orange.  ---I don't know if you're like me, but, in my head, no threat to my car is very large until a service light goes on... once the light goes on, I can no longer avoid the issue-- and it was on.  

So, after the initial $70 for the oil change, getting a tire plugged, and one new wiper blade; I am going to have to go back to the shop to get a new filler neck installed *ahem* $250 :(   And, to put the venomous icing on the cake, I also need new rotors and pads on my front breaks.. (but I am going to get someone I know to do that.. so $60.  Fun right?  no. 

The only peak to this is, it helped me complete number 8 of my '21 Before 21' and I have learned how to do an oil change.  I now know where the filter is, where the cap to drain the oil is, that my car takes 5oL of new oil and, most importantly, that it would be far too messy for me to ever attempt at home merely with car jacks and a 'bucket' to catch the oil.

In essence, this is how I feel;

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In My Head

So I am sitting in my bed watching 'Pretty Little Liars' right now, and it is taking everything inside of me not to go downstairs and grab the bag of white chocolate chips that are hidden on the bottom shelf behind the marshmallows and crushed pecans. I have one day left to go of my 'no junk food' and it is getting ridiculous trying to hold out until the very end.  But I will.  I am determined.... truthfully I am just writing this because if I don't, my mind will find a way to make me cheat..... and then, inevitably, I will be guilt ridden, and have to start the 30 days over. Gah why can't today just be over?!  

On the same token, this feeling is making me particularly happy about my decent upbringing.. Because, had I ever turned to drugs, there would be no hope of quitting an addiction.  If I can barely resist the temptation of chocolate and sweets, how in the world would I get off crack?  :P  

Also, it is Canada day!  Wahoo :D  Happy Birthday Canada!  

Friday, June 25, 2010

What I've Done

This one is taken from Kris, in Because or Why not.  It is a random list (made by someone else, it is not a to do list of mine) and in bold are the ones I have completed so far in my life.  Which ones have you done?  Let me know if you try it :)

1. started your own blog
slept under the stars
3. played in a band
4. visited Hawaii
watched a meteor shower
given more to charity than you could afford to
7. been to Disney
8. climbed a mountain
9. held a praying mantis
sung a solo
11. bungee jumped
12. visited Paris
watched a thunder and lightning storm
taught yourself an art from scratch
15. adopted a child
had food poisoning
17. walked to the top of the statue of liberty
18. grown your own vegetables
19. seen the Mona Lisa in France
slept on an overnight train
had a pillow fight
22. hitch hiked
23. taken a sick day when you’re not ill
built a snow fort
25. held a lamb
gone skinny dipping (does half count? :P)
27. run a marathon
28. ridden in a gondola in Venice
seen a total eclipse
watched a sunrise or sunset
31. hit a home run
been on a cruise (but only for a few hours)
seen Niagara falls in person
visited the birthplace of your ancestors (some of them)
seen an Amish community
36. taught yourself a new language
37. had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. seen the leaning tower of Pisa in person
gone rock climbing
40. seen Michelangelo’s David in person
sung karaoke
42. seen old faithful erupt
bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant (not a charity thing, had a walk-out while waitressing.. grrrr!)
44. visited Africa
walked on a beach by moonlight
been transported in an ambulance
47. Had your portrait painted
48. gone deep sea fishing
49. seen the Sistine chapel in person
50. been to the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris
gone scuba diving or snorkeling
kissed in the rain
played in the mud
gone to a drive-in theatre (with my family, while young.. I have yet to experience this with a boyfriend)
been in a movie (do home videos count?)
56. visited the great wall of china
57. started a business
taken a martial arts class (judo, age 7)
59. visited Russia
60. served at a soup kitchen
61. sold girl scout cookies
62. gone whale watching
gotten flowers for no reason
64. donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. been sky diving
66. visited a concentration camp
67. bounced a check
68. flown in a helicopter
saved a favorite childhood toy (a few)
70. visited the Lincoln memorial
71. eaten caviar
72. pieced a quilt
73. stood in times square
74. toured the everglades
been fired from a job (how I loathe you marks work wearhouse; maybe I should have done a better job hiding that while I was working for you??)
76. seen the changing of the guard in London
77. broken a bone
been a passenger on a motorcycle
79. seen the grand canyon in person
80. published a book
81. visited the Vatican
82. bought a brand new car
83. walked in Jerusalem
84. had your picture in the newspaper
85. kissed a stranger at midnight on new year’s eve
86. visited the white house
87. killed and prepared an animal for eating
had chickenpox
89. saved someone’s life
90. sat on a jury
met someone famous
joined a book club (in grade 2, I think we all had to?)
93. gotten a tattoo
had a baby
95. seen the Alamo in person
96. swam in the great salt lake
97. been involved in a law suit
owned a cell phone
99. been stung by a bee
Ridden an elephant

Thanks Kris!

Oh!  Big news (to me)... I finally caught a fish!!!!!!  Although he was not big, in the least, and a pollock so not for eating, I am proud of me :)  I give the credit to the new fishing rod, super duper lure (I was not being cliche using the phrase 'super duper', it is actually the name of the lure) and rubber boots which all attributed to my good luck.  Here is the little guy;

Take Care!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Six Feet Under The Stars

Well hello again!  Happy 4th day of Summer!

A lot has happened in this past month that I need to catch up on, but I'll try to be brief so you aren't here forever.... (just in case, you might want to take your shoes off and grab a seat) lol

First I should tell you, that I am sick.  I have a cold that has been lingering since last Friday and just will not seem to leave.  Fortunately, it is to the stage where I am just sporadically coughing right now, very convenient as a waitress...... Hello *cough* *cough* sorry, *cough* pardon me; can I take your order *cough* ugh, sorry.... this was the epitome of my night.  

Hmm lets see, Oh!  I brought Sydney to the elementary school, and much to my dismay no one peed/cried.. though there were a few teachers with muffled screams when they realized he is real.  All together I ended up showing 4 classes him, two grade 8, one grade 7, and one primary class (maybe 6 years old)  They were, how do I put this?, not shy at all!  Every one of them was fearless and there must have been 17 hands on him at all times.   By the end of it I felt bad for the poor little guy being poked, rubbed and held by 100 new strangers.  That's a lot for one little tongue to smell! 

I also completed two more things off my list of '21 before 21' this month.  On June 18th I bought a lottery ticket (with a pool through work) and sadly, did not win.  I think my lack of winning has crushed any hope for future gambling.. probably a good thing though ;)  .... AND on June 15th visited Citadel Hill while they were all in costume and it was fun!  Despite the ridiculous wind lol. 

I think this picture adequately proves that they were in costume, and that it was windy... seriously, I might as well call myself Medusa from now on :P

What else has happened this month?  Oh, I picked up my first hitchhiker!  LOL for all of you shaking your head in disapproval (don't mind me, I just like to pretend that people actually read this and would do something like shake their head in disapproval of something stupid I did) I have seen the movie hitcher ---terrible ending by the way---- and don't worry, he wasn't a total stranger.. His name is Sandy, he's a regular at the pub I worked at in the Summer and for the past couple months-ish.  I left work to find him with his thumb out on the side of the road from drinking at my pub all afternoon.. I figured the least I could do would be to give him a lift for a couple minutes.  

I guess the last thing I can think to talk about would be the status of my 'no junk food for 30 days'. Well, I'm still in it.  And, as I predicted, it sucks.  (well, it isn't quite as bad as I thought it might be.. honestly).  I ended up starting on June 2nd, because the 1st was my Grandmothers Birthday and she would not let us leave her party without some cake.  Since then I have had two dreams where I cheated; int he first dream I ate oreos, in the second licorice... mmmm red licorice is my favourite candy.... mmmm.   So July 2nd I will be free to indulge on all sorts of awesome, again.  and... I should probably stop talking about this because I am now craving licorice and a carrot stick just will not cut that craving!  

Oh, also, Mom bought her and I wet suits yesterday!  So I'm pretty excited to use it, and finally stand up on a surf board!  (there is a place where I can rent a board just down the road).  

I think that's all the news for now.. well, I'm tired, so it's all the news you're getting :P

Talk soon!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Death and All His Friends

Today marks the end of an era.  Well, I am being dramatic, but it still sucks.  Tomorrow I will be taking on number 15 of my '21 before 21'... I am cutting out all junk food for 30 days (for those of you who pay any attention, I formerly had it as 'no sugar' but I figured no junk food was more accurate for what I wanted to achieve)

Ugh, I am so [not] looking forward to this!  But, I figured out of all the months left this one is the most appropriate...  Just before summer (aka, bathing suit season) and because I fear if I procrastinate any longer it will not be completed!

So I have convinced my mother to join the battle and we are doing this one together (I needed her to so she would not be bringing junk in the house and tempting me..*cough*... and for her health, of course)   However, prepping for this month of good eating has been a very fulfilling time!  It has been quite a chore ridding the cupboards of all things tasty hehehe 

It should be noted that I am a chocoholic, this could get messy.
I went and saw Iron Man 2 the other day, and I've got to say that I was impressed!  I never quite know what to expect with sequels, and there have definitely been a few that lowered my expectations *ahem* transformers 2.. Lion King 2.. need I go on?

But Iron Man 2 has been officially added to my list of winners, along with the Bourne trilogy, Die Hard series, and yes, Twilight Saga [guys can insert eye roll here] 
Hmmm what else to tell you?   On Wednesday I am bringing my snake, Sydney into a grade 8 class for my friend [lets call him] Cory's project.  I foresee that the teacher is expecting me to bring him in a confined glass tank instead of the pillow case he will be travelling in.... and if all goes well, at least one kid will wet their pants (I mean pee, get your mind out of the gutter! hehehe) and perhaps someone will faint...... Don't judge me;  If I've gotta go back to elementary school for the day I at least want some excitement out of it ;)  

Mum and I before our 30 days of hell.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just To See You Smile

So my life has suddenly become a whole lot more busy.  I now have 3 jobs.  For those of you unfamiliar with my jobs.. I Currently work at a nursing home as a cook for 55 people.  However, it is a casual position so I am only called in if someone is ill or taking a holiday.  Then, I work part time taking care of my Grandmother, where I play 'housewife'.  I tidy the house, do the laundry, make supper and just talk to her.  Now, as of yesterday, I am also a Waitress at a pub. So far it's been good, but I have really only been trained on the computer systems etc... But I have waitressed before and quite enjoyed it.. (or just the tips :P)  So, with all three combined I manage to have full time hours; let's see how it goes!

Enough about work, I want to show you more of what I do for 'play' =)  sooooo, here are some of my recent drawings.  I know I'm no professional, but I love to draw and I learn a little with every one!

~Thank you for inspiring me to keep trying~
~You are so beautiful inside and out, but I could only capture one~
~Just a gorgeous photo I couldn't resist~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Plenty Gyal

I saw this today, and had a good laugh.. Hope you do too!

The different Bra sizes. A-almost. B-barely. C-can't complain. D-dang! DD-double dang! E-enormous. F-fake. G-get a reduction. H-help me, I can't get up.... LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little More You

This lovely award was given to me by Kris from 'Because or Why Not'

I think the way it works is now I have to do this quiz about 3's, so here I go!

Three names I go by:

1. Joy
2. J
3. New girl (currently)

Three jobs I’ve had:

1. Worked in an Ice Cream Parlour 
2. Waitress
3. Cook

Three places I’ve lived:

1.  Teen Ranch
2.  Downtown Toronto
3.  Scarborough

Three favourite drinks:

1. Water
2. Cream Soda
3. Jack Daniels with ice

Three TV shows I watch:

1. How I met your mother
2. The vampire diaries
3. Accidentally on purpose

Three places I’ve been:

1. Ontario
2. Quebec
3. Nova Scotia.... I hope to expand this list far beyond my Canadian borders!

Three places I’d like to visit:

1. Scotland
2. Uganda
3. Australia

Three favourite retro TV shows:

1. Walker Texas Ranger ---yeah Chuck Norris!
2.  Original Degrassi
3. Road to Avonlea

Three favourite dishes:

1. Mom's home made macaroni and cheese
2. Turkey dinner
3. Sushi (but the tame stuff, I have not gotten too adventurous; yet!) 

Three things I’m looking forward to:

1. Travelling
2. Finishing school
3. Surfing (trying)

Three people I’m tagging:

-----you three definitely deserve an award for your lovely blogs!-----

I wish I knew Natalie Portman

Have any of you tried the new 'Canadian 67' --the 67 Calorie beer?  

'Canadian' is one of my favourite beers to drink, so naturally when they come out with the low fat option, it only seems appropriate to switch over (assuming it still tastes good)  

Two days ago it was hot outside, like above 20 degrees (Yes, that is hot in Canada) and it just felt like one of those days that sitting, getting a tan with a cold beer would be perfect; so I went to the NSLC and picked up a case of Canadian 67.  6 of the 12 beers are currently residing in my fridge cooling in anticipation but I am at a crossroads.  

My mom hates beer (and is going on vacation anyways) and most of the people I know down here are underage.  Apart from one friend who would really be getting the wrong message if I invited him over to drink...  and from what I have learned over the years, drinking by yourself usually just means you are an alcoholic.

So I have yet to try this new beer that waits for me downstairs; and I have no prospects of opportunities in the future to giver' a try.  fml

Monday, May 3, 2010

Manic Monday

2 Sundays ago I had a very nasty visitor.  His name is mr. Norwalk Virus.  Seriously I did not know things could depart from my body so quickly/violently or in so many ways at the same time!  From 8:30pm to 5:30am I was so sick it was ridiculous!  I even had to get my mom to call work sick for me (I have not called in sick for like 5 years!)  

The next morning I was trying to sleep and stay hydrated and after eating a cracker I sucked the straw from my juice and felt (what I imagined was) a piece of cracker sticking to the corner of my lip but it just didn't have the right consistency or feel, more papery... so I brushed it with my hand instead of just licking it and a big moth smeared across my finger!  Apart from it being a spider that was the worst possible thing to happen to a person who has been violently ill all night :(  I was sooo not impressed!  

Then a few days later I went for my shift to take care of my Grandmother;  She treated me like I had the plague (yes, I waited the required time after my last symptom before I went to her) She refused to hug me and made me sit on the couch and read.  I was not allowed to dry my clean hands with the hand towel, but instead had to use paper towel (even to dry my hands after I washed the dishes) ---but on a good note I completed number 10 on my list and finished 'I kissed dating goodbye' 

After reading the book, I don't think I will actively 'kiss dating goodbye' I think that might be a bit naive (for me), and I would end up focusing on the 'I'm not dating' aspect instead of actually discerning and listening to when I should pursue a relationship.  Although he does have some very good points on how couple should value each other and God.  

Hmmm what else?!  I feel like there is so much more I have been saving up to talk about and it has all dissipated from my mind... LOL  Maybe it will come to me tomorrow?


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tip of the Iceberg

I'm not sure if I have talked about this yet, but I have recently joined a new Church.  I love it, and I feel so at home.. It's the type of place where you can see the fingerprints of God and is exactly what I need right now.  (I have had a trying past few months)  I'm the type of person who likes to be involved in the Church community, and one of the ways I have been getting involved is with the youth.  I will go on Monday night's to their meeting group and have spent some time with a few girls (so far).
I have also been discovering how hard it is for these kids to grow up as young men and women of God.  It is heartbreaking to see that in these Canadian junior high, and high schools there is so much oppression against individuals choosing to live for God.  I can only pray that they will stand strong in their faith, so that years down the road they will not end up lost and full of regret.  I also hope that I can be a good example, and that I can be there for them, through the strength of God.  --please pray for the young people of my church--

Tomorrow I am going to a 50th anniversary that is 50's themed!  I'm pretty excited, and have a cute outfit ready! :D   A bunch of us went and started decorating for it and the room looks phenomenal!  I think it is amazing to be going to a 50th anniversary party, to look at this couple who have beat the odds;  I only hope that the man I choose can share the same event with me one day, that is the greatest accomplishment I could have --a strong marriage and great family around me when I am aged.  


Have any of you seen the infomercial for this?!  --every time it comes on I can not help but think how stupid it is.  Can you imagine being the guy to discover the padded bum!?  Or what happens when the padding moves and you have a lopsided backside? --It is no wonder the women in our society have such poor self images when the media is constantly shoving solutions to 'imperfections' in our faces.  When will self enhancement go so far that natural beauty is no longer recognizable?  --I can't get into this rant right now.. I'm too tired to express all my thoughts.. ugh

That's all for today, write to you soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fishin' in the Dark

So I have had an eventful past few days.   They involved a lot of fishing, and a lot of catching no fish!  ---Seriously, 3 days fishing and nothing but nibbles--  But alas, that is fishing!  (and yes, I was angry when people would show up next to us and catch one within 15 minutes)  We were there for striped bass.

On the drive home, we saw approximately 70 wild deer; here are a few.

And a beautiful sunset to finish a peaceful afternoon

Hopefully in the near future I will be going out on a boat trout fishing and have better luck.  Maybe get a good supper out of all of this work ;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Scene and Herd

I realized today that I never introduced you to my baby!
     --no, not real baby, going to wait a few years for all of that..

His name is Sydney, he is a 4 foot long Corn snake and the sweetest thing!  He has not bitten me or any of my friends, has a great temperament and a funny personality.  I  am his second owner, I bought him in September 2009 and he is approximately 4 years old. 



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Art of Breaking

“I see” said the blind man, peeing in the wind; “It’s all coming back to me now!” hehehe

Hello again! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, I sure did!

First off, remember how I talked about the feathers I found and how I was too scared to follow the trail to see what had become of the poor rooster next door—and then I heard him crow so I ended my search?  Well, I went down the road and came upon the feathers again (they had not been washed away) and my little cousin came down to play (the one whose family owns the roosters) and I mentioned the feathers....

Guess what?!  I was right!  A coyote ate two of their roosters and two chickens!—glad I didn’t meet up with him (woohoo to being a pansy and not venturing into the brush :D)  The rooster I have been hearing as of late is the only one who survived

This is him, BooBoo (yeah, quite the emasculating name for a rooster) and his sidekicks, Hopscotch and Number 13

Today would have been my Grandpa’s 89th Birthday.  Sadly, he passes in December.  I made some cupcakes and brought them over when I went to take care of my Grandma today.  The poor little thing started tearing and said, “I just don’t think I’ll be ready to give Gran’s clothes and things away for at least a year, in case he comes back.”  Broke my heart. 

The happy couple Christmas 2008, Grandpa's last with us.

I also got well into my way of completing number 10 on my list of '21 before 21' -- to read 'I kissed dating goodbye' today.   Since I posted that I wanted to read it I've had a few people tell me not to waste my time, and just as many tell me how good of a book it is.  --For all you skeptics, me reading this book does not ensure that I will stop dating and follow his lead--
However one thing he said has stood out thus far;
"Intimacy without commitment is defrauding.  Intimacy without friendship is superficial.  A relationship based solely on physical attraction and romantic feelings will last only as long as the feelings last." (pg. 39)

Oh speaking of dating I had a total 'let's hook Joy up' on Sunday night!  A family from my Church invited my mom and I over for cheesecake, the same family whose 'Mom' has been trying to coax me into meeting her son.  We got there and low and behold, he was there and the group of us chatted away until it was time to leave.  (you should know that I have very few friends in my new province)  
So we get up to leave and (we'll call him Chuck) Chuck asks me if I'd like to see his new truck.  So I agree, and go outside with him.  The first thing he says is 'out of all the people you should know here, you know (we'll call her Kait) Kait?  --he and Kait had a fling about a month ago and it ended really bad, coincidentally, Kait is one of my only friends in NS.--  And I said yes, and that I had heard of him, but did not go into detail because I really don't validate many one sided skewed stories people give at the result of a bad 'relationship'.  
All the while, Chuck's mom is holding my mother up inside so we can speak in private.  
At a certain point he told me that his mom had been wanting him to meet me for a while, to which I responded, I know etc, To be honest I am not interested in dating at all right now etc.  (what's the point of leading him on)  But he took it for what it was, an honest answer.  However, at some point he is going to take me fishing!  I have wanted to fish soooo bad over here but never knew anyone with a boat.  
Now the problem lies with Kait.  -knowing petty women-  If she finds out that I am now friends with Chuck, who she despises, she is going to be upset.  I am in a pickle.  --we'll see how this all turns out!  --I have too few friends to pass any opportunities up over here--

This is my beautiful Niece!  Hope you enjoyed Easter 2010 as much as her!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Talk to Strangers

Happy April Fools! -- I am quite depressed that I did not trick anyone this year... I was home alone and had no bouts of cleverness.  I hope yours was better then mine!  

Okay so I feel as though I have been neglecting my poor defenseless blog, so I will try to make up for it!

Here are a bunch of things that you likely didn't need, or want to know about me.. but I will tell you anyways.

I greatly dislike when people have automatic music on their blogs.  I don't care how John Mayer is going to save the world, and chances are I already have something playing so the sudden outburst of new sound is both frightening and unwelcome.  (This does not apply to people who write and record their own music)  Also, if you insist on having said music, adjust your settings so I don't have to go all the way to the bottom of your blog to turn it off.  aha thanks.

I have a strange relationship with onions.  I enjoy their flavour and taste..gosh I wish this wasn't american spelling, it makes me double check and get confused.. is it flavour, flavor.. ugh.. anyways..I like the FLAVOUR and taste of them in the things I cook but if I happen to chew a piece (no matter how small) it will make me gag.  I suppose it's a mind thing, I don't understand.

I also hate mustard.

I prefer beer and strait hard liquor to coolers or girlie drinks -- some people men have found it intimidating.  I laugh at them.

I am a sucker for self quizzes.  Whether they are academic, or little cosmo quizzes, I will do them.  It was a sad day when facebook quizzes became popular (though I had the decency to not post my results)

One week I had middle aged french man and a teenage girl leave me love letters (while I was waitressing)  Apparently I attract all sorts haha  

Song lyrics can have very profound impacts on my life.  I love to find the perfect song to describe my mood or situation.  Currently it is 'This is me' by 'Demi Lovato'

..on that note, I love dandelions.  Strange and bizarre and you're probably thinking 'why did she say on that note'... it is because my love for them was started by 'Five Iron Frenzy' in their song 'Dandelions'.  I probably heard it when I was 12 for the first time and it struck the "philosophical" cord.  "Lord, search my heart, create in me something clean.  Dandelions, you see flowers in these weeds."--profound right?!, just kidding, I don't expect you to feel my connection.

I am incapable of talking on the phone and playing on the computer at the same time.  I am great at multitasking normally, but with these two, I am hopeless. (yes someone just called me and I had to hang up to continue writing..) :P

My very first crush (that I remember) was a boy names Aaron Mcnut... he was the most popular boy in school... I told mom, and she told all of my brothers (who proceeded to make fun of me).. I was not able to be honest with her about relationship anything for many years.

I am severely Iron deficient (my blood test showed that out of the 80 a healthy person should have, I have a mere 19) and I am to take 3 pills a day (which I am horrible at remembering).. Because of this, when I rub real gold on my face, the skin turns a dark grey colour.  I can seriously play x's and o's on there!

My favourite (damn american spelling!) movie is Pride and Prejudice (the new one not the 7 hour old one).. to this day it is the only movie I have enjoyed more than the book.  I am a classic romantic.

And that is all I feel like disclosing for today.

-My friend Lynda and I at a bowling alley.  

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ramping Shop

Happy Sunday Everyone!

(I figured I'd start this off in a positive note before I have a massive rant)

This morning I was getting ready and the song 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna came on, and as I was listening to it I was getting more and more annoyed by it's stupidity! - - I know it's an old one, but it's still just as ridiculous as when it came out!

The entire freaking song is about her cheating on the man "who's love is the reason why the skies are blue" What's with that?!  The lyrics make it seem as though she's being compelled to commit adultery, like she 'doesn't have a choice'.  When I hear it I just want to take her and smack her upside the head yelling,
      "You stupid whore!  Stop playing the victim card and pretending you care at all, YOU are making a CONSCIOUS choice to whore around and you don't give a **** about him you heartless, cold...!" 

Now I know she likely didn't write the song, just bought the rights to sing it.. But have some class!

Also, why is it that this song is played as a typical 'slow song' at dances!  It is a total mood/romance killer. 

Do you feel the same or am I just crazy?

This guy resides at the Toronto Zoo =D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paper Bag Princess

Do you know what's worse then having a kid knock on your door and beg money for their school trip?  

Today while wearing mens pj bottoms, an over sized shirt and cooking eggs I get a knock on the door.  Normally, if I wasn't expecting someone or didn't know the person I would simply not answer.. But because of the house set up, it was clearly visible that someone was home.

I panicked as I thought about how I looked and what to do, but I know I had no other choice but to answer.  I opened the door crouching awkwardly trying to mask the fact that I was cold and bra-less as he gave his speech.. "I'm raising money for our grade 9 trip etc."  and I smiled and said, "I'll go get some money."

Then there was that awkward moment.. the one where you/they don't know whether to allow them inside.. and I closed the door in his face.

I ran upstairs, grabbed whatever cash I had and glanced in the mirror and noticed yesterdays mascara presenting the death look, ugh!  So I tried to wipe it away as best I could to get him away as soon as possible... I handed him the cash, filled out the raffle and he went on his way. 
I can only imagine the things that will be said around our small town... 

Gosh I hope I don't win anything!

Age 17.  In a covered wagon.