Monday, May 3, 2010

Manic Monday

2 Sundays ago I had a very nasty visitor.  His name is mr. Norwalk Virus.  Seriously I did not know things could depart from my body so quickly/violently or in so many ways at the same time!  From 8:30pm to 5:30am I was so sick it was ridiculous!  I even had to get my mom to call work sick for me (I have not called in sick for like 5 years!)  

The next morning I was trying to sleep and stay hydrated and after eating a cracker I sucked the straw from my juice and felt (what I imagined was) a piece of cracker sticking to the corner of my lip but it just didn't have the right consistency or feel, more papery... so I brushed it with my hand instead of just licking it and a big moth smeared across my finger!  Apart from it being a spider that was the worst possible thing to happen to a person who has been violently ill all night :(  I was sooo not impressed!  

Then a few days later I went for my shift to take care of my Grandmother;  She treated me like I had the plague (yes, I waited the required time after my last symptom before I went to her) She refused to hug me and made me sit on the couch and read.  I was not allowed to dry my clean hands with the hand towel, but instead had to use paper towel (even to dry my hands after I washed the dishes) ---but on a good note I completed number 10 on my list and finished 'I kissed dating goodbye' 

After reading the book, I don't think I will actively 'kiss dating goodbye' I think that might be a bit naive (for me), and I would end up focusing on the 'I'm not dating' aspect instead of actually discerning and listening to when I should pursue a relationship.  Although he does have some very good points on how couple should value each other and God.  

Hmmm what else?!  I feel like there is so much more I have been saving up to talk about and it has all dissipated from my mind... LOL  Maybe it will come to me tomorrow?


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