Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ramping Shop

Happy Sunday Everyone!

(I figured I'd start this off in a positive note before I have a massive rant)

This morning I was getting ready and the song 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna came on, and as I was listening to it I was getting more and more annoyed by it's stupidity! - - I know it's an old one, but it's still just as ridiculous as when it came out!

The entire freaking song is about her cheating on the man "who's love is the reason why the skies are blue" What's with that?!  The lyrics make it seem as though she's being compelled to commit adultery, like she 'doesn't have a choice'.  When I hear it I just want to take her and smack her upside the head yelling,
      "You stupid whore!  Stop playing the victim card and pretending you care at all, YOU are making a CONSCIOUS choice to whore around and you don't give a **** about him you heartless, cold...!" 

Now I know she likely didn't write the song, just bought the rights to sing it.. But have some class!

Also, why is it that this song is played as a typical 'slow song' at dances!  It is a total mood/romance killer. 

Do you feel the same or am I just crazy?

This guy resides at the Toronto Zoo =D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paper Bag Princess

Do you know what's worse then having a kid knock on your door and beg money for their school trip?  

Today while wearing mens pj bottoms, an over sized shirt and cooking eggs I get a knock on the door.  Normally, if I wasn't expecting someone or didn't know the person I would simply not answer.. But because of the house set up, it was clearly visible that someone was home.

I panicked as I thought about how I looked and what to do, but I know I had no other choice but to answer.  I opened the door crouching awkwardly trying to mask the fact that I was cold and bra-less as he gave his speech.. "I'm raising money for our grade 9 trip etc."  and I smiled and said, "I'll go get some money."

Then there was that awkward moment.. the one where you/they don't know whether to allow them inside.. and I closed the door in his face.

I ran upstairs, grabbed whatever cash I had and glanced in the mirror and noticed yesterdays mascara presenting the death look, ugh!  So I tried to wipe it away as best I could to get him away as soon as possible... I handed him the cash, filled out the raffle and he went on his way. 
I can only imagine the things that will be said around our small town... 

Gosh I hope I don't win anything!

Age 17.  In a covered wagon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

I think my new boyfriend (car) is going to make me fat.  This afternoon I went for a "joy ride" and ended up with a bag of cheetos and a mars bar... oh no.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jesus Take The Wheel

For those of you keeping tabs, (in my mind there are lots) I completed number 4 on my "21 Before 21" list today!  I got my full licence!  Huzzah!  

Mom, in trying to boost my spirits told me before we left, 
"Don't worry, other people will see you and give you a break while you're taking the test.  When I'm driving I can see when there's a stupid ass on the road and give them lots of room."

"Stupid Ass?! THAT is the type of encouragement you are giving me!".. Thanks for the support Mom.  

I was so nervous that by the time I finished, my leg was shaking and barely putting pressure on the brake.. BUT he (the very rigid looking man) turned out to be a a softy and cut me some slack.

Now I am free to roam wherever I'd like with Swarley.. I'm sure there are some good adventures ahead of us!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

21 Before 21

I am 20 now, and there are a LOT of things I would like to accomplish in my life!  As far as short term goals, I have written a list of things I would like to/have done between my 20th and 21st birthday!

1. Stand up while surfing
2. Learn to play the bass guitar
3. Crochet or sew an area rug
4. Get my full licence Completed March 22
5. Buy a car  Completed March 19
6. Shoot a gun Completed January 1
7. Get accepted to NSCC for baking Completed January 25
8. Learn how to do an oil change Completed July 30
9. Learn how to change a tire
10. Read I Kissed Dating Goodbye Completed April 28
11. Write a song
12. Sell something I’ve made
13. Apply for Dual Citizenship in Britain This one should have been under 18, so I can't.
14. Read the entire New Testament of the Bible
15. Go 30 days without junk food Completed July 2
16. Get to 137 lbs or less, I am currently 146
17. Visit Citadel Hill when the workers are dressed in character Completed June 15
18. Walk or ride a bike to the beach and home Completed August 10
19. Buy a lottery ticket Completed June 18
20. Make strawberry jam Completed July 8
21. Take a road trip

By November 28, 2010 these will all be crossed out!

La La Land

For all of you patiently awaiting the exiting ending of "journey to the feathers end", I am sad to say there is none.  Friday  afternoon when I got home (from buying my new car!) I heard Mr. Rooster crowing away.  It was a major buzz kill :(    not that I REALLY wanted to see a dead rooster, I just thought it would have been fun to investigate.

But! I bought a car!  My very first one and I love him.  His name is Swarley, and he is my gold-digging boyfriend LOL  
He is a 2002 Ford Focus SE sedan.  122000km.  Fully loaded with cruise and ABS.  Silver exterior, charcoal interior.  The best part is, he was only 3500 dollars, and the mechanic said the only things I'll need to fix are the routers (sp?) and pads in about 6 months, and get it undercoated again before the winter.  I have been searching for the perfect car for a few months now, and it is quite a relief to have Swarley in my life.

~>My mother is in denial.  Maybe it is because she will feel older, or a fear that glasses will look bad, but she is refusing to take my advice to get her eyes checked.

She has invested a whole two dollars into a pair of cheap reading glasses from the dollar store, to get through reading, well, anything.  She even has to wear them when using the computer and holds books and papers at an arms length just to see them (wearing the glasses or not).

Yesterday she was in the kitchen making some juice from concentrate, and for whatever reason, wanted to know the juice to water ratio.  I was standing beside her and she was getting more and more frustrated, and then gave in and snarled, "how many parts water do I put in this?!"

I looked over to help her and couldn't help but chuckle. "Mom, you are reading the ingredients"

and she still refuses to go to the eye doctor!<~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Will Be Disappointed Together

Every once and a while I hear the rooster next door crow.  (No, that is not an analogy for something dirty)  Well the spry little cocka-doodle-doo has edged it's way into my life as just another morning piss off, like ticking clocks, sunshine and a tiny bladder.  (I am not a morning person, if you can't tell)

Today I went for a walk down the road, taking some pictures and getting some fresh air when I looked down and saw a feather.  I thought, hmm this could make a nice picture.  It was a nice colour, deep red brown with a black tip and contrasted against the shrubs below.  So I snapped the photo (which never did end up on my memory card for some reason) and continued to walk.  Then I noticed another feather, and another, and a few more, all different sizes but the same colours.  

I had stumbled across a crime scene!  

Being all CSI like I tried to remember the last day I was woken by mr. rooster and I could not.. perhaps, could these be the feathers of my morning marauder?!  I followed the feather trail for a few more feet, and then they cut off into the brush.  I was intrigued to see where they would lead and started to follow them when reality held me back;

"if there is a viscous rooster eater, do I want to be near it's ravenous fangs"
"what happens if I find the corpse of a half eaten rooster"
"what if the rooster had simply escaped it's confinement and sensed my disdain for it's song and attacked me"  

I would like to say I was brave, and faced the cock head on.  But my fears got the best of me and I  picked self preservation over my desire to be the next Horatio Caine; I wish I had gone.  I feel like the girl who didn't get in the transformer just because she was scared.  

wow that story was anticlimactic.   

SO tomorrow I will finish it!  I am setting aside my irrational fears and completing The Journey of the Feathers End!  I will let you know what becomes of it!

These are some of the photo's of the rest of my walk.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse, Is Betting On One

Yesterday I received my first official bug bite of 2010.  I was out clearing brush at my mother's new property and something managed to viscously maul my upper thigh.  I am still unsure as to the culprit, but it itches just the same.

Last summer I was looking into tree planting out in BC.  I got some information and had some contacts, things were lining up.  Later in the summer I was lying on the beach frustrated beyond belief by two black flies that were incessantly biting me as soon as I turned away. (Anyone who has been to the East Coast of Canada in July or August knows the kind.)  and I'm not one of those people whom upon being bit gets a little mark and an itch.  My bug bites swell up to be about the size of a loonie.  I literally look like I have been involved in some shifty product testing by the companies that send you spam for "cheap drugs".  Anyways, it was that moment that I realized how bad of an idea it was to go tree planting, and that I would likely parish. 

Every once and a while if my mind wanders to the, "but maybe it wouldn't be so bad to go planting" area, little subtle reminders, like the one I received yesterday push me right back on track.

With that said, Spring is coming, I am excited!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Paperthin Hymn

 Painting is totally mine, Drawings were inspired.

Just thought I'd share a bit of me with you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

So, I'm one of those people who only goes to bed, and gets up when I absolutely have to.  So tonight I thought, okay, i can go to bed at 3 latest.  Wake up at 9:30 and get ready for church.  

I put on a movie, painted my nails, struck up a couple conversat... oh wait! It's daylight savings tonight!  

So now it is 4:12

I would have gone to bed earlier but I painted my nails so was obligated to wait for them to dry.

Tomorrow is going to suck.

..but my nails look really nice!

Adventures in Solitude

              I, at the end of high school, did the logical thing for someone in my situation.  I took the year off to work.  Enabling myself (or so I thought) to gain some perspective, money and hopefully find my future career.  

I worked at Wal-Mart.  

To sum up my experience, I gained little perspective, next to no money and was more confused than ever about my future.  All I knew was that I did not want to stay in Wal-Mart.  So I didn`t.  I decided it was time to apply to college, even if I wasn`t positive about my decision.  I chose three programs, Baking, Business Operations Management and Sign Language.  

My reasoning was;
  • baking, I`m good at, I`m creative and I liked it in high school
  • business operations management, endless opportunities, be my own boss
  • sign language, something that interested me
Solid reasons, I know.

Anyways, I ended up being accepted and going to Centennial College for Business Operations Management.  After first  year, I knew I had made a mistake on this 9 semester course.  First of all, my reasons "endless opportunities and be my own boss" were not accurate.  Along with that, I realized that I hate desk jobs.  So I cut my losses in third semester and left Ontario, moving to Nova Scotia and starting fresh.

Now I live with my Mom.  I am working casually as a cook at a nursing home and hospital (which pays surprisingly well) am working on my licence and getting a car. (as those are two things I did not require living downtown Toronto)

I applied, and was accepted to NSCC for Boulanger and Baking Arts and am currently enrolled to start in September, but am at a crossroads within myself.  You see, I know I like to bake, but I`m not sure if I could do it as a career and be happy.  The other career option on my mind is to become a mechanic, but I have the same concerns.

So, yesterday I went to the library and got some books.  I am currently reading a textbook called Auto Body Repair and Refinishing by Robert P. Schmidt

So far I have learned personal, and general shop safety.  And all the types of hand tools I would be using.

-2 Chapters down, 35 to go!-

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fake Plastic Trees

I am frustrated.

Part of me wishes I lived in the days when a woman only had 5 career opportunities; nurse, teacher, waitress, homemaker and prostitute.  But alas! I have been given the gift of endless prospects when choosing a career; an odious comment, I know.

I have endured quite the journey thus far trying to come to terms with the career that will make me happy, make me money and give me fulfillment.  I believe I have narrowed the search to two potential candidates.  Baking and Auto Body Mechanic.

I was never the type of person who could out rightly say, “Hey!  I am good at _____, I am better at that _____ most people!  I am going to make _____ my life career.”  Not to say I am useless and unskilled, just nothing really jumped out at me. 

For most of my childhood, my career was decided.  I wanted to be a teacher.  It seemed so simple when I was small, but as I got to High school and realised how University works, picking a major and minor, things got complicated.  I took program after program in varied fields and decided the subjects I enjoyed the most are History and English. Unfortunately, finding a teaching position when you have a major in History and minor in English is next to impossible.  What’s worse is that if you can’t find a teaching position there are very few “fall back” options.  So, in the end I would be just another individual with a degree, sixty-thousand dollars of debt and no career.  That may sound pessimistic to you, but that it sounds like 5 long years and 60, 000 dollars for a waste of time to me.

Consequently, upon realising that my former life’s plan was a dud, I ventured out into the unknown, trying to find the perfect career. 

I am frustrated.