Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fast Cars and Freedom

Good morning! Well, I don't know about 'good' but it's morning at least... the truth is that the incessant ringing if the phone has forced me to get up... so, in the spirit of Liz Lemon, Ugh, Nerds!

A week (maybe two) ago I got out of work, walked to my car [Swarley] and noticed something was dripping close to the back wheel... So, instinctively, fearing for the life of my baby, I drove to the shop down the road to see what it was.. he lifted my car and took a look and told me my filler neck had a leak.. [a filler neck is the pipe in between the gas tank and where the gas goes in the car]  

So I drove home miserable and distraught, 'my baby has failed me'.  The next day, I noticed almost no puddle had formed 'so it must not be leaking anymore'?  And decided, that so long as I didn't fill it up all the way, I should be fine..

Yesterday, I was on my way to my trusted mechanic and fate slapped my in the face.  After nearly two weeks of no problems, the "Check Fuel Cap" light was suddenly on, mocking me with it's brutish orange.  ---I don't know if you're like me, but, in my head, no threat to my car is very large until a service light goes on... once the light goes on, I can no longer avoid the issue-- and it was on.  

So, after the initial $70 for the oil change, getting a tire plugged, and one new wiper blade; I am going to have to go back to the shop to get a new filler neck installed *ahem* $250 :(   And, to put the venomous icing on the cake, I also need new rotors and pads on my front breaks.. (but I am going to get someone I know to do that.. so $60.  Fun right?  no. 

The only peak to this is, it helped me complete number 8 of my '21 Before 21' and I have learned how to do an oil change.  I now know where the filter is, where the cap to drain the oil is, that my car takes 5oL of new oil and, most importantly, that it would be far too messy for me to ever attempt at home merely with car jacks and a 'bucket' to catch the oil.

In essence, this is how I feel;

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA That sign is the best!!!