Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Hate This Part

The moment when I realize my oven mitt is on backwards

The, ‘knock the breathe out of you, dizzy, sit down’ when you find out someone you love is sick

The first raindrops to hit you in the middle of your 5km walk (when my cell phone's in my pocket)

November’s weather; such a tease... just be warm or snow already!

The inevitable hole or stain someone else will point out on my thrift store purchase

The spider web that I catch with my face, two steps out of the door on a bright sunny day

The fear of finishing a sunset hike, in the dark

The sick feeling when I realize I pressed ‘off’ instead of ‘sleep’

The word moist; I am convinced there is no sentence that can make it sound pleasant

30 minutes after Indian food

Being on a skinny sidewalk, in the rain, with heavy traffic alongside me (and the puddle that greets me with a dirty wet kiss)

Forgetting deodorant

The intolerable kid who sits directly behind me and doesn’t understand the concept ‘closing your mouth while chewing [anything]’

People who have full on LOUD ring tones for texts, and text a LOT... do they think it makes them seem popular?

[From a waitress’ point of view] Boys (or girls) who tip phone numbers instead of money

Getting water up my nose

The last goodbye

----an example of water, right up the nose---


What are some of the things you can't stand?


  1. SO agree with you on all of this. I hate to say I like this post because I don't like when any of these things happen, but I do like this post!

    I hate when the toilet seat is wet... and I don't notice until it's too late.

  2. ahahahhahaha! Yes, that is one of the worst as well! Or, when it is a self flush one.. and you shift around a little so it flushes while you are on it; and it splashes.... I feel quite violated.

  3. I am in complete agreement with you on the moist one. That word is just so icky.

    I can't stand other people borrowing my earrings. I have this thing about wearing them after someone else has.