Thursday, May 6, 2010

I wish I knew Natalie Portman

Have any of you tried the new 'Canadian 67' --the 67 Calorie beer?  

'Canadian' is one of my favourite beers to drink, so naturally when they come out with the low fat option, it only seems appropriate to switch over (assuming it still tastes good)  

Two days ago it was hot outside, like above 20 degrees (Yes, that is hot in Canada) and it just felt like one of those days that sitting, getting a tan with a cold beer would be perfect; so I went to the NSLC and picked up a case of Canadian 67.  6 of the 12 beers are currently residing in my fridge cooling in anticipation but I am at a crossroads.  

My mom hates beer (and is going on vacation anyways) and most of the people I know down here are underage.  Apart from one friend who would really be getting the wrong message if I invited him over to drink...  and from what I have learned over the years, drinking by yourself usually just means you are an alcoholic.

So I have yet to try this new beer that waits for me downstairs; and I have no prospects of opportunities in the future to giver' a try.  fml


  1. Damnit, why do flights have to cost so much money?

  2. Drinking HEAVILY alone means you have issues. I had a beer tonight with my pizza. It was DELISH.