Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ramping Shop

Happy Sunday Everyone!

(I figured I'd start this off in a positive note before I have a massive rant)

This morning I was getting ready and the song 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna came on, and as I was listening to it I was getting more and more annoyed by it's stupidity! - - I know it's an old one, but it's still just as ridiculous as when it came out!

The entire freaking song is about her cheating on the man "who's love is the reason why the skies are blue" What's with that?!  The lyrics make it seem as though she's being compelled to commit adultery, like she 'doesn't have a choice'.  When I hear it I just want to take her and smack her upside the head yelling,
      "You stupid whore!  Stop playing the victim card and pretending you care at all, YOU are making a CONSCIOUS choice to whore around and you don't give a **** about him you heartless, cold...!" 

Now I know she likely didn't write the song, just bought the rights to sing it.. But have some class!

Also, why is it that this song is played as a typical 'slow song' at dances!  It is a total mood/romance killer. 

Do you feel the same or am I just crazy?

This guy resides at the Toronto Zoo =D


  1. Hey Grumpy, I concur! Singers are always going to sing some rubbish. My humble opinion says R'n'B is full of the crappest lyrics, but maybe rap follows soon after. Px

  2. LOL yeah.. I think rap wins that medal!.. And some R&B has passed, but very few songs..

  3. I am SO with you on that song. Bleh.

    It's irritated me from day one.

  4. I like R&B and even Country and Western but I can't stand that Rap Crap!

  5. lol why does the turtle look like hes strung out on crack ?

  6. I agree with you that cheating is immoral although I do think you're overlooking the fact that some people do have complex emotional states/reasons why they feel compelled to cheat in certain cases. Obviously this doesn't make it right, but I think the singer can still love this guy in some sense while at the same time betraying him again and again. Obviously it's best to avoid such people.

  7. hehe, i hate rhianna's lyrics!
    ...but love the turtle :)

  8. actually i don't agree.

    although i do hate the song.

    you can cheat but still love someone. i dont think its right or that it will last even. but sometimes it can happen.

    maybe you've been hurt by someone who has before? you havent been there though. in that space. in that time.
    hating every second after you cheated. it still hurts. still.

  9. To Anonymous. I have not been hurt by someone who has cheated directly. Nor have I been cheated on.

    I am sorry that your mistakes have caused you pain.

    But I do not believe that you can cheat on someone you truly love. I think in our society the lines between love and lust have been dramatically blurred. But pure, unselfish love is about giving all you can to another person to make them feel loved and happy. In no way does committing adultery profess that.

    With that said, we all make mistakes, it's just important that we learn from them.

    To Apprehensioninausten,
    I do not pretend to be a psychologist and it is undeniable that some peoples mental states cause them to hurt others. Don't read too much into it.
    I am referring to the everyday losers who cheat and make lame excuses to justify their actions.