Thursday, June 24, 2010

Six Feet Under The Stars

Well hello again!  Happy 4th day of Summer!

A lot has happened in this past month that I need to catch up on, but I'll try to be brief so you aren't here forever.... (just in case, you might want to take your shoes off and grab a seat) lol

First I should tell you, that I am sick.  I have a cold that has been lingering since last Friday and just will not seem to leave.  Fortunately, it is to the stage where I am just sporadically coughing right now, very convenient as a waitress...... Hello *cough* *cough* sorry, *cough* pardon me; can I take your order *cough* ugh, sorry.... this was the epitome of my night.  

Hmm lets see, Oh!  I brought Sydney to the elementary school, and much to my dismay no one peed/cried.. though there were a few teachers with muffled screams when they realized he is real.  All together I ended up showing 4 classes him, two grade 8, one grade 7, and one primary class (maybe 6 years old)  They were, how do I put this?, not shy at all!  Every one of them was fearless and there must have been 17 hands on him at all times.   By the end of it I felt bad for the poor little guy being poked, rubbed and held by 100 new strangers.  That's a lot for one little tongue to smell! 

I also completed two more things off my list of '21 before 21' this month.  On June 18th I bought a lottery ticket (with a pool through work) and sadly, did not win.  I think my lack of winning has crushed any hope for future gambling.. probably a good thing though ;)  .... AND on June 15th visited Citadel Hill while they were all in costume and it was fun!  Despite the ridiculous wind lol. 

I think this picture adequately proves that they were in costume, and that it was windy... seriously, I might as well call myself Medusa from now on :P

What else has happened this month?  Oh, I picked up my first hitchhiker!  LOL for all of you shaking your head in disapproval (don't mind me, I just like to pretend that people actually read this and would do something like shake their head in disapproval of something stupid I did) I have seen the movie hitcher ---terrible ending by the way---- and don't worry, he wasn't a total stranger.. His name is Sandy, he's a regular at the pub I worked at in the Summer and for the past couple months-ish.  I left work to find him with his thumb out on the side of the road from drinking at my pub all afternoon.. I figured the least I could do would be to give him a lift for a couple minutes.  

I guess the last thing I can think to talk about would be the status of my 'no junk food for 30 days'. Well, I'm still in it.  And, as I predicted, it sucks.  (well, it isn't quite as bad as I thought it might be.. honestly).  I ended up starting on June 2nd, because the 1st was my Grandmothers Birthday and she would not let us leave her party without some cake.  Since then I have had two dreams where I cheated; int he first dream I ate oreos, in the second licorice... mmmm red licorice is my favourite candy.... mmmm.   So July 2nd I will be free to indulge on all sorts of awesome, again.  and... I should probably stop talking about this because I am now craving licorice and a carrot stick just will not cut that craving!  

Oh, also, Mom bought her and I wet suits yesterday!  So I'm pretty excited to use it, and finally stand up on a surf board!  (there is a place where I can rent a board just down the road).  

I think that's all the news for now.. well, I'm tired, so it's all the news you're getting :P

Talk soon!

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