Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Talk to Strangers

Happy April Fools! -- I am quite depressed that I did not trick anyone this year... I was home alone and had no bouts of cleverness.  I hope yours was better then mine!  

Okay so I feel as though I have been neglecting my poor defenseless blog, so I will try to make up for it!

Here are a bunch of things that you likely didn't need, or want to know about me.. but I will tell you anyways.

I greatly dislike when people have automatic music on their blogs.  I don't care how John Mayer is going to save the world, and chances are I already have something playing so the sudden outburst of new sound is both frightening and unwelcome.  (This does not apply to people who write and record their own music)  Also, if you insist on having said music, adjust your settings so I don't have to go all the way to the bottom of your blog to turn it off.  aha thanks.

I have a strange relationship with onions.  I enjoy their flavour and taste..gosh I wish this wasn't american spelling, it makes me double check and get confused.. is it flavour, flavor.. ugh.. anyways..I like the FLAVOUR and taste of them in the things I cook but if I happen to chew a piece (no matter how small) it will make me gag.  I suppose it's a mind thing, I don't understand.

I also hate mustard.

I prefer beer and strait hard liquor to coolers or girlie drinks -- some people men have found it intimidating.  I laugh at them.

I am a sucker for self quizzes.  Whether they are academic, or little cosmo quizzes, I will do them.  It was a sad day when facebook quizzes became popular (though I had the decency to not post my results)

One week I had middle aged french man and a teenage girl leave me love letters (while I was waitressing)  Apparently I attract all sorts haha  

Song lyrics can have very profound impacts on my life.  I love to find the perfect song to describe my mood or situation.  Currently it is 'This is me' by 'Demi Lovato'

..on that note, I love dandelions.  Strange and bizarre and you're probably thinking 'why did she say on that note'... it is because my love for them was started by 'Five Iron Frenzy' in their song 'Dandelions'.  I probably heard it when I was 12 for the first time and it struck the "philosophical" cord.  "Lord, search my heart, create in me something clean.  Dandelions, you see flowers in these weeds."--profound right?!, just kidding, I don't expect you to feel my connection.

I am incapable of talking on the phone and playing on the computer at the same time.  I am great at multitasking normally, but with these two, I am hopeless. (yes someone just called me and I had to hang up to continue writing..) :P

My very first crush (that I remember) was a boy names Aaron Mcnut... he was the most popular boy in school... I told mom, and she told all of my brothers (who proceeded to make fun of me).. I was not able to be honest with her about relationship anything for many years.

I am severely Iron deficient (my blood test showed that out of the 80 a healthy person should have, I have a mere 19) and I am to take 3 pills a day (which I am horrible at remembering).. Because of this, when I rub real gold on my face, the skin turns a dark grey colour.  I can seriously play x's and o's on there!

My favourite (damn american spelling!) movie is Pride and Prejudice (the new one not the 7 hour old one).. to this day it is the only movie I have enjoyed more than the book.  I am a classic romantic.

And that is all I feel like disclosing for today.

-My friend Lynda and I at a bowling alley.  


  1. That is an epic photo. Five Iron Frenzy was an epic band. May they rest in peace.

  2. I completely understand the dandelion thing. I blogged this, " Today what I noticed most is the dandelions are really out. Little sunshines of the brightest yellow all over the lawn. I really honestly like dandelions. I don't know why everyone who's worried about their lawns can't stop waging war on them and just enjoy them." years ago. Awesome.

  3. Well as I know next to nothing about you yet those were interesting facts to me! :)

  4. I learn so much about you here :D Px

  5. Yeah! I am glad I am not the only one who finds joy in the simple pleasures, like dandelions :D and I am glad that at least some of you take interest in my random qualities!