Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Flash 55

(a story written in 55 words)


I know you want to be closer, but I'm just not ready. 

All week you've been popping in on me unexpectedly.. my car, my bathroom, my bed.. 

I don't want you near me anymore, if you come around again consider your life in danger. 

That's not a threat, it's a promise...

Goodbye spider. *swat*


  1. Hahaha! I was like, whoa - this is a little darker than I bargained for when I started following your blog... ;)

  2. Hahhaaha. I was gonna ask, what in the world? But now I get it!

  3. Joy...?
    This was Great!
    You need to do this on Friday, you would then be visited by many new folks.
    Please come back for another OK?

    Ya know, if you kill a Spider it will rain.

  4. Well done Joy on your first 55!

    As G-man said do it on a Friday and see who visits. :)

  5. Okay :) Friday I will give it another try!

    Haha, I know.. it did rain lol