Friday, March 12, 2010

Fake Plastic Trees

I am frustrated.

Part of me wishes I lived in the days when a woman only had 5 career opportunities; nurse, teacher, waitress, homemaker and prostitute.  But alas! I have been given the gift of endless prospects when choosing a career; an odious comment, I know.

I have endured quite the journey thus far trying to come to terms with the career that will make me happy, make me money and give me fulfillment.  I believe I have narrowed the search to two potential candidates.  Baking and Auto Body Mechanic.

I was never the type of person who could out rightly say, “Hey!  I am good at _____, I am better at that _____ most people!  I am going to make _____ my life career.”  Not to say I am useless and unskilled, just nothing really jumped out at me. 

For most of my childhood, my career was decided.  I wanted to be a teacher.  It seemed so simple when I was small, but as I got to High school and realised how University works, picking a major and minor, things got complicated.  I took program after program in varied fields and decided the subjects I enjoyed the most are History and English. Unfortunately, finding a teaching position when you have a major in History and minor in English is next to impossible.  What’s worse is that if you can’t find a teaching position there are very few “fall back” options.  So, in the end I would be just another individual with a degree, sixty-thousand dollars of debt and no career.  That may sound pessimistic to you, but that it sounds like 5 long years and 60, 000 dollars for a waste of time to me.

Consequently, upon realising that my former life’s plan was a dud, I ventured out into the unknown, trying to find the perfect career. 

I am frustrated.

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