Sunday, March 21, 2010

La La Land

For all of you patiently awaiting the exiting ending of "journey to the feathers end", I am sad to say there is none.  Friday  afternoon when I got home (from buying my new car!) I heard Mr. Rooster crowing away.  It was a major buzz kill :(    not that I REALLY wanted to see a dead rooster, I just thought it would have been fun to investigate.

But! I bought a car!  My very first one and I love him.  His name is Swarley, and he is my gold-digging boyfriend LOL  
He is a 2002 Ford Focus SE sedan.  122000km.  Fully loaded with cruise and ABS.  Silver exterior, charcoal interior.  The best part is, he was only 3500 dollars, and the mechanic said the only things I'll need to fix are the routers (sp?) and pads in about 6 months, and get it undercoated again before the winter.  I have been searching for the perfect car for a few months now, and it is quite a relief to have Swarley in my life.

~>My mother is in denial.  Maybe it is because she will feel older, or a fear that glasses will look bad, but she is refusing to take my advice to get her eyes checked.

She has invested a whole two dollars into a pair of cheap reading glasses from the dollar store, to get through reading, well, anything.  She even has to wear them when using the computer and holds books and papers at an arms length just to see them (wearing the glasses or not).

Yesterday she was in the kitchen making some juice from concentrate, and for whatever reason, wanted to know the juice to water ratio.  I was standing beside her and she was getting more and more frustrated, and then gave in and snarled, "how many parts water do I put in this?!"

I looked over to help her and couldn't help but chuckle. "Mom, you are reading the ingredients"

and she still refuses to go to the eye doctor!<~

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  1. Bah.

    Should I facebook her and tell her glasses can look fab? Teehee.

    Ans Swarley is one handsome bloke.