Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Will Be Disappointed Together

Every once and a while I hear the rooster next door crow.  (No, that is not an analogy for something dirty)  Well the spry little cocka-doodle-doo has edged it's way into my life as just another morning piss off, like ticking clocks, sunshine and a tiny bladder.  (I am not a morning person, if you can't tell)

Today I went for a walk down the road, taking some pictures and getting some fresh air when I looked down and saw a feather.  I thought, hmm this could make a nice picture.  It was a nice colour, deep red brown with a black tip and contrasted against the shrubs below.  So I snapped the photo (which never did end up on my memory card for some reason) and continued to walk.  Then I noticed another feather, and another, and a few more, all different sizes but the same colours.  

I had stumbled across a crime scene!  

Being all CSI like I tried to remember the last day I was woken by mr. rooster and I could not.. perhaps, could these be the feathers of my morning marauder?!  I followed the feather trail for a few more feet, and then they cut off into the brush.  I was intrigued to see where they would lead and started to follow them when reality held me back;

"if there is a viscous rooster eater, do I want to be near it's ravenous fangs"
"what happens if I find the corpse of a half eaten rooster"
"what if the rooster had simply escaped it's confinement and sensed my disdain for it's song and attacked me"  

I would like to say I was brave, and faced the cock head on.  But my fears got the best of me and I  picked self preservation over my desire to be the next Horatio Caine; I wish I had gone.  I feel like the girl who didn't get in the transformer just because she was scared.  

wow that story was anticlimactic.   

SO tomorrow I will finish it!  I am setting aside my irrational fears and completing The Journey of the Feathers End!  I will let you know what becomes of it!

These are some of the photo's of the rest of my walk.  


  1. Hahaha. Wow, that is awesome, and I can TOTALLY picture you standing there, trying to rationalize whether or not to go forward.

    Beautiful photographs Joy. And good luck with your pursuit of the feathers.

    Of course. I am glad that you did not decide to be the next Horatio, as Horatio is rather dull... and mono-tone... and annoying. But you could totally be the next Grisham! (sp)

  2. Lovely photos.

    I can't wait to hear what you find at the end of the feather trail. :)