Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paper Bag Princess

Do you know what's worse then having a kid knock on your door and beg money for their school trip?  

Today while wearing mens pj bottoms, an over sized shirt and cooking eggs I get a knock on the door.  Normally, if I wasn't expecting someone or didn't know the person I would simply not answer.. But because of the house set up, it was clearly visible that someone was home.

I panicked as I thought about how I looked and what to do, but I know I had no other choice but to answer.  I opened the door crouching awkwardly trying to mask the fact that I was cold and bra-less as he gave his speech.. "I'm raising money for our grade 9 trip etc."  and I smiled and said, "I'll go get some money."

Then there was that awkward moment.. the one where you/they don't know whether to allow them inside.. and I closed the door in his face.

I ran upstairs, grabbed whatever cash I had and glanced in the mirror and noticed yesterdays mascara presenting the death look, ugh!  So I tried to wipe it away as best I could to get him away as soon as possible... I handed him the cash, filled out the raffle and he went on his way. 
I can only imagine the things that will be said around our small town... 

Gosh I hope I don't win anything!

Age 17.  In a covered wagon.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is too funny. I've done that before. Thankfully we have a screen door, so I just leave that closed in the first place. But yeah, totally know where you're coming from on that whole awkward feeling.

    Also, love the pic. That covered wagon looks oddly familiar ;)

  2. Someone always comes to the door when I'm in my cleaning scruffs with hair a mess and no make-up! Why?????

    Thanks for your kind comments whilst I've been absent m'deario. x

  3. LOL.. in place of a screen door, we have a glass one.. and it should ;) Remember how the geese would get in them!?

    I don't know why.. it's like the one day you've decided just to stay a mess and somebody HAS to ruin it :P
    No problem, Glad your MIL is out of the woods!

  4. hahah you never can be too careful!!! I would have shut the door too!!!

    At least you were nice enough to donate some dough! :o)